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Does Your Brain Affect Your Bank Account?

Scientific evidence reveals just how susceptible we are to personal habits and tendencies of human nature when it comes to money decisions.

Strides Life Enrichment Concepts, LLC offers varied approaches in bringing inspirational, informational concepts and personal strategies that provide guidance for transforming finances and experiencing life more abundantly.

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Who Are We? 

Beyond just a simple focus on traditional money matters, Strides Life Enrichment Concepts (STRIDES) seeks also to enlighten, encourage, and empower people in ways that cause them to think and act differently in making better economic and money decisions.

Our goal is to connect financial concepts with practical approaches that bring clarity to the “why” and “how” to apply specific principles and practices that can positively impact personal success and satisfaction.

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Personal coaching is a skilled process that helps people close the gap between where they are now and a future desired outcome. It has the power to help people go beyond what they would ordinarily do on their own.


STRIDES’ goal in providing financial education is

to share knowledge and facilitate change—   

knowledge and change that looks beyond just  finances. We supplement our teachings with insights that deal holistically with a broad range of issues that impact personal finances.



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