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Strides Life Enrichment Concepts, LLC (STRIDES)

  We take our cues on improving knowledge on financial matters from well-researched findings in the field of Behavioral Finance 

Scientific evidence reveals just how susceptible we are to personal habits and tendencies of human nature when it comes to money decisions. We incorporate the value of these insights in our education and coaching methodologies. Because financial challenges are wrapped up in more than most people tend to realize, STRIDES recognizes the need for diverse approaches that help improve  effectiveness in the way we deal with the complexities and realities related to personal finances.   

We offer varied approaches, both mainstream and faith-based, in bringing inspirational, informational, and instructional understanding of financial concepts and personal strategies that provide guidance for transforming finances and experiencing life more abundantly.

Beyond just a simple focus on traditional money matters, STRIDES seeks also to enlighten, encourage, and empower people in  ways so  that they begin to think and act differently in making better money decisions and economic choices. Our goal is to connect financial concepts with practical approaches that bring clarity to the “why” and “how” to apply specific principles and practices that can positively impact personal success and satisfaction.

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