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Money mindsets will determine what you focus your attention on and how you respond to matters related to finances.

Have you ever been overwhelmed and fail to focus on a financial decision?  Do you realize what you really believe about your economic future or ability to achieve a goal?  Do you avoid financial matters that you’re uncomfortable addressing?  

You are as effective as your thoughts. Your collective mindset, attitudes, perspectives, and beliefs are the engines that drive your actions. The behaviors that follow your thoughts can profoundly affect your finances and future. What you think and the way you think influence how you make financial decisions that impact your life. We're not speaking here about negative thinking, just normal thinking. The field of behavioral economics provides research-based insights that evidence how our natural cognitive processes make us susceptible to making certain mental mistakes that relate to our financial decisions. 

Our money mindsets are often emotionally tied to matters that halt clear thinking and limit potential in what we can accomplish.  Emotions caused by uncertainty can undermine our actions and stop our progress even before we get out of the gate.  Alternatively, thinking motivated by unrealistic or over-optimistic expectations can also work against our welfare.  Entrenched in our own money mindsets, we tend to be subjective in drawing conclusions that are not as accurate as we believe they are.


Clarity is important, both about what we're thinking and in understanding matters affecting our financial circumstances. Financial decisions based often, on our mind's natural short-sighted and tunnel-visioned perspective, can lead to less than optimal outcomes. New understanding and revised thinking about what we really need to be addressing, may require us to break away from paying attention to what we have always paid attention to. Consider one wise man's view... 

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."                                                                                                                                          

~Albert Einstein

Often our mind is set and fixedconcentrating on the same issues, trying to solve problems the same way, avoiding what we've always avoided, thinking the same things we've always thought, yet wanting different results. We're habitually patterned to repeat our behaviors while having an expectation of changed outcomes. Looking at where we are stuck or how we're spinning our wheels is a necessary part of the process of unlocking our mindsets. Having a willingness to alter perspective, come out of our comfort zones, approach our circumstances differently, and address our habits can make all the difference in the world in terms of improving our economic lives. Actualizing change in our economic circumstances will often require shifting focus from what’s going on in your finances to focusing on your thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Our Money Mind Awakening teachings bring guidance to the process of making shifts and breakthroughs that put you on a better economic path.  

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