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Understanding Your Money Personality?

Your money habits and attitudes influence your life and financial choices; understanding your tendencies can help you reach your goals. Money  means different things to different people. What  it symbolizes to us can represent many ssues, so your relationship with it can provide insights into self-image, relationships, career, etc.

Your money habits and attitudes can persist as hidden stumbling blocks that hold you bace from living our intended plans and achieve your most deeply desired goals. Identifying your "Habitudes" can help you take the first step in addressing your economic stumbling blocks that can help you make STRIDES towards a more abundant life. 

What’s a “Habitude”?

A Habitude—a combination of habits and attitudes—describes the ingrained thoughts, feelings and behaviors that influence our decisions and actions. Money Habitudes helps people discover and explore their subconscious motives and biases.

Money Habitudes® is a quick and easy way to understand your money personality

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